Tactica Executive Concealed Carry Purse
  • Tactica Executive Concealed Carry Purse

    SKU: TT-PR-GB020-BK

    Product Details


    • Separate Carry Compartment
    • Ambidextrous Draw Zippers
    • Locking Feature
    • Detachable Shoulder Strap
    • 13 3/4" length x 5" width x 11" height


    Off Body Carry Just Got Easier (and Trendier)

    It’s a problem when you try to carry your firearm in a non-concealment purse, because it’s not safe. But it’s also a problem when you can’t find a concealed carry purse that matches your taste and style, while safely storing your firearm.

    So, what’s the solution? A fabulously designed concealed carry purse that’s also expertly engineered for safe storage. Is there such a thing? Why yes, yes there is.

    Our Executive Concealed Carry Purse has the right innovations in all the right places so you can prep for protection and rock all your outfits.


    Be Prepared: Secure & Convenient Storage

    Just like with any form of concealed carry, your trigger guard always needs to be properly protected. That’s why our Executive Concealed Carry Purse is designed with a separate compartment on the back that’s specifically for your firearm. You can quickly access this compartment from ambidextrous lockable zipper pockets. The inside of the compartment is lined with hook and loop fabric, and a removable holster is included.

    However, for optimal retention, we highly recommend the hook and loop holster. The custom-molded shell provides unequaled protection for your trigger guard, and easily attaches to your firearm compartment. This level of security will give you peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day activities. It’s about being prepared so you can be confident in any new situation.


    Instant Perk: Stylishly Discrete

    When you swing the Executive Concealed Carry Purse over your shoulder, you’ll also feel inspired to rock the latest and greatest styles (seriously how cute is that tassel?) and you’ll be able to pair this purse with casual or upscale outfits. A detachable shoulder strap also gives you the option for crossbody carry if that’s your style.

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