Tactica Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag
  • Tactica Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag

    SKU: TT-PR-M1817-BLU

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    • Removable shoulder straps give you the option for crossbody carry
    • Concealed carry compartment provides safe storage space
    • Ambidextrous zipper openings for fast access
    • 15" length x 5 1/2" width x 11" height


    Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag: Carry in Style

    A concealed carry purse can be a great way to carry off-body, but only if you find a concealed carry purse that matches your style and safely stores your firearm. That’s where the problem comes in. It can be difficult to find the concealed carry purse that’s right for you, especially when a lot of concealed carry purses on the market aren’t as fashionable as a standard purse.

    Self-protection is important to you, but so is expressing your unique sense of style. That’s why Tactica has designed the Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag. You shouldn’t have to choose between self defense and looking great, so our handbag is crafted to safely store your firearm and add a sophisticated dash of charm to your outfit.


    Discrete & Secure Storage

    First things first: your safety. As you experience the ups and downs of your day, you want to feel confident that your trigger guard is always properly protected. That’s why we’ve designed a concealed carry compartment that’s just for your firearm.

    Lined with a hook and loop fabric, you can easily attach a hook and loop holster to the inside of the compartment for the perfect retention and security. For your convenience and safety, the compartment can be quickly accessed through two ambidextrous zipper pockets.


    Equipped to Rock Any Outfit

    The fashion statement that you make as you put together your outfit for the day is an opportunity to express yourself, and a way to align yourself with your inner values and your outer community. Our Elegant Protection Concealed Carry Handbag will add flavor and class to your outfit, instead of detracting from its elegance. It’s offered with a removable shoulder strap and comes in three stylish colors.

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